Mission Statement

Automated Workflows, LLC's mission is to enhance essential workflows of business professionals across the globe by developing powerful, effective, and efficient solutions designed to ensure consistency and accuracy while reducing redundancy and expenditure.

Corporate Memberships/Certifications

Automated Workflows, LLC holds memberships in the following professional organizations:

Apple Consultants Network
Apple Developer Connection
Dantz Partner Network
FileMaker Solutions Alliance
Netopia Partner Program
Macintosh Business Users Society of Greater Philadelphia

Automated Workflows, LLC is an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist.

We understand that each company's workflow is complex, unique, and demanding. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to carefully to plan and develop a custom solution, taking into account all business rules and requirements. The result is a precise, user friendly, flexible solution that can be easily integrated into a workflow and expanded later to achieve maximum benefits.

Once delivered, our solutions help to ensure that a workflow is as efficient as possible. Clients immediately begin to see how our solutions allow tasks to be performed faster than was previously possible. The time savings gained allow clients to begin reallocating your employees to focus their attention and abilities on other non-repetitive tasks.

Since we base the development of your solution on the business rules our clients indicate, our solutions offer much needed predictability and accuracy in a workflow. This help clients to increase the quality of their products and services, essentially allowing them to give their customers more without the need to invest in additional time and resources.

Obviously, there's an initial investment necessary to build an automated solution, and possibly a recurring cost for maintenance and support. However, this cost is quickly outweighed by the return on investment gained. Once a solution has been developed and deployed, clients should immediately begin seeing a decrease in expenditure, potentially creating an increase in revenue.