Scripting Boot Camp at CMD-D Conference

I’m very excited to be leading a one-day Scripting Boot Camp August 8 at the CMD-D Masters of Automation Conference. Part of a two-day conference held in Santa Clara, California, this class will be an introduction to AppleScript, the powerful tool for automation included on every Mac. If you lodge your tax return online you can claim a Boot Camp  fee as expense in you online tax return.

What is AppleScript and why should I learn it?

Automating Adobe Illustrator with AppleScript

“Why on earth would anyone want to script a drawing program?” I’ll admit that was my first thought when years ago I heard about a plug-in to add AppleScript support to Adobe Illustrator. I could understand how scripting support was essential for page layout programs. But Illustrator was a program for creating art, involving many design decisions that only a graphic artist could make.

What’s new with automation in Yosemite

Apple introduced a great variety of new automation features and updates in Yosemite. I’ve written up a quick summary below with links to more detailed information. AppleScript users have been requesting a built-in progress indicator for years. In Yosemite, Apple delivers. New AppleScript properties allow script developers to show and control a traditional progress bar in applets. In Script Editor, progress is shown at the bottom of the main window.