Consulting Services


Primarily focusing on servicing Macintosh-based clients, Automated Workflows, LLC offers a wide range of professional AppleScript and workflow automation services to corporations, developers, and software companies. Through the use of automation, we help companies to achieve a more efficient use of their time and resources.

Service Overview

We understand that each company’s workflow is complex, unique, and demanding. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to carefully to plan and develop a custom solution, taking into account all business rules and requirements. The result is a precise, user friendly, flexible solution that can be easily integrated into a workflow and expanded later to achieve maximum benefits.

Once delivered, our solutions help to ensure that a workflow is as efficient as possible. Clients immediately begin to see how our solutions allow tasks to be performed faster than was previously possible. The time savings gained allow clients to begin reallocating your employees to focus their attention and abilities on other non-repetitive tasks.

Since we base the development of your solution on the business rules our clients indicate, our solutions offer much needed predictability and accuracy in a workflow. This help clients to increase the quality of their products and services, essentially allowing them to give their customers more without the need to invest in additional time and resources.

Obviously, there’s an initial investment necessary to build an automated solution, and possibly a recurring cost for maintenance and support. However, this cost is quickly outweighed by the return on investment gained. Once a solution has been developed and deployed, clients should immediately begin seeing a decrease in expenditure, potentially creating an increase in revenue.

Custom Development

Automated Workflows, LLC offers a variety of custom AppleScript and workflow automation development services designed to create professional business solutions to meet your company’s needs and expectations. Our custom solutions will help to eliminate the manual repetition in your demanding workflow, allowing you and your employees to begin focusing more on saving time and making money.

We primarily offer custom development in the following areas, which are frequently integrated together to create more complex and robust solutions:

AppleScript Solution Development, Integration, and Support

Automator Action Development and Workflow Consulting

FileMaker Pro Database Development, Integration, and Support

Our solutions can be developed for use on either desktop or server machines. Server-based automation provides even greater benefits, as it allows users to hand work to a server for processing, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Our Development Process

Typically, our development process is broken into several different phases. However, the actual phases of development may vary depending on the complexity of the solution required. The following is a brief overview of the phases that normally take place during the development of a custom solution.

  • Request – During this phase, we will analyze your request, which you may submit to us by email , by phone, or through our web site form. Through this process, we will present you with any questions we have, and may arrange for one or more conference calls to discuss your request. Once we have a solid understanding of what types of services you require, we will generate a proposal. This proposal will contain a brief overview of the services to be provided, along with an estimated budget and timeline for the planning and development phases.
  • Planning – The planning phase is typically considered to be the first stage of the development process. During this phase, we will plan out the design and functionality of your entire solution. To ensure that we fully understand all aspects of the process we will automate, we may come to your office and/or conduct several conference calls to discuss the process and ask questions. The result of the planning phase will be a detailed document, outlining all of the rules, features, and functions of your solution. This document will provide you with an understanding of what will be developed, along with the ability to dictate any required changes or enhancements before actual development begins. In some cases, the initial proposal may serve as the project plan.
  • Development – Once you have approved the project plan, we will begin development on your actual solution. During the development phase, we will write the code, create the interfaces, and perform any other required development.
  • Offsite Testing – As development nears completion, we will begin to conduct rigorous testing of your solution. At this time, we will begin making adjustments and changes as needed, based on our testing.
  • Integration – Once development and offsite testing has been completed, the solution will be packaged and delivered to you. Typically, we deliver solutions remotely through email. Through the integration phase, we will help you to configure your solution for live testing.
  • Live Testing – After delivery, a live testing phase will begin. This will give you time to try the solution and make sure that it interacts properly with your workflow. Should any changes be required, we will make the changes and deliver an updated solution to you for additional testing.
  • Support – While our solutions are generally solid and reliable once they are delivered, sometimes additional support is necessary. Support may be required for a variety of reasons such as scenarios that weren’t anticipated during planning and testing, changes to your workflow, hardware or software upgrades, etc. During the support phase, we will work with you to ensure that your solution continues to run as it should. Typically, our solutions come standard with a brief support period. Extended support and maintenance contracts are available on request.


Developer Assistance

Sample/Demonstration Script Creation

We can develop demonstration scripts for inclusion on your product CD’s, for use at trade shows and events, or for distribution on your website. Automation is a popular trend, so why not showcase some of the unique ways your products can be incorporated into automated workflows?

AppleScript Implementation Consulting

Looking for ways to make your products more appealing to both companies and developers? How about increasing and improving the AppleScript support in your products?

We can help. A good level of AppleScript support can actually help a product to sell. By offering the ability to be integrated into an automated workflow, a scriptable product has the potential to sell much better that a non-scriptable one. In addition, with the release of Automator, offering a scriptable application is even more important, as doing so will allow developers to create Automator actions that interact directly with your application.

Using on our extensive knowledge of AppleScript, we are available to consult with you about the AppleScript implementation in your products. Through this process, we can help you identify potential areas for improvement, suggest terminology enhancements, new scriptable features, and more. Our past experience in developing real-world AppleScript based solutions allows us to let you know what people want and need when it comes to automation in a product.

We are also available to review your application’s AppleScript dictionary and make suggestions for possible areas of improvement.